We’re all going to miss Instagram.

But why does the app that’s supposed to bring us back to the digital age have so much going for it?

Here’s a look at some of the things that have made Instagram great.


Instagram’s Photo Stream The app was launched in 2012 with a mission to bring the world’s best photos together into one place.

Its photo-sharing function lets you upload pictures, tag them with a tag, and then share them with other people via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And Instagram’s ability to quickly upload photos to the platform makes it easy for photographers to share them.

The company’s algorithm uses the photos you upload to find the best ones to share.

“We wanted to be the photo gods,” says Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer, David Marcus.

“So we made Instagram the best photo-based social network.”


Instagram is free.

For years, Instagram has offered free photo-storing for some users, including members of the Royal Family and celebrities, but this year, Instagram plans to expand to other categories.

Instagram users who pay for Instagram Premium account, which costs $1.99 per month, will get unlimited storage and unlimited access to Instagram’s photo library.

The new plan is available to users who have paid $19.99 for a one-year subscription.


Instagram offers filters for photos.

Instagram has more than 40 different photo filters that you can apply to your photos, from the popular Instagram filters like Instagram Photo Sphere, to the more obscure Instagram Photo Lenses, to photo effects like Lightroom, and to custom filters that help you create your own photo effects.

You can even create your very own photo filter by selecting a filter from the Instagram photo app and tweaking the color, saturation, and brightness to match your photos.

If you want to get creative, you can use the app’s built-in Photoshop to do the same thing.


Instagram lets you post more than just your own photos.

This year, the company added a feature called Instagram Stories, which lets you tag photos and videos and share them as an Instagram Story.

Instagram also announced a new feature that lets you share photos and video from other people to Instagram.

You’ll be able to post them on Instagram as well as Facebook, but they’ll only be viewable by friends you know and trust.


Instagram will help you make money.

Instagram plans on making money by charging fees for ads and other revenue streams.

The free photo uploads are great, but Instagram plans for other things, too.

It’s going to start charging people to post photos to Instagram Stories.

For example, users will be able use Instagram’s new Instagram Ads revenue models to earn extra money by selling ads to businesses that post to Instagram in the future.

For now, Instagram is going to charge for these ads but it plans to make money from these ads by charging users more for their posts.

And the company is also going to introduce a new ad network that will let users pay to see ads in their Instagram Stories feeds.


Instagram makes it super easy to monetize.

Instagram says that if you don’t use Instagram, you’ll make more money by buying ads from the platform.

It will also make you more likely to share photos on Instagram.


Instagram doesn’t charge for photo albums.

In addition to its free photo uploading and paid ad networks, Instagram says it will charge users for their own photo albums, too, but not for photo collections.

Instagram claims it will make money by advertising the albums and ads, but it will probably charge for them separately.


Instagram wants you to use the photos it already has.

Instagram CEO Sean Rad said at the company’s investor day that he wants people to use Instagram as much as possible because “the content we have, it’s going in.”

Instagram is already taking some photos of the people and businesses that it wants to share with you.

The app will be rolling out new features in the next few months that will allow users to post their own photos from their collections, such as images from friends and family.


It lets you make a custom filter.

Instagram allows users to apply their own filters to their photos.

The filter lets you pick the colors, saturation and brightness of your photos and then apply it to your photo.

It’ll let you create effects like blur effects, blur lines, and even blur and blur lines.


Instagram can make money selling ads on the platform, too The company has partnered with some of America’s biggest brands to offer advertisers on Instagram ads.

Some of these brands include Nike, Budweiser, Nike+ , and even Budweis, which is a beer.

It seems like Instagram is making money from its ads, too: The company said it will be charging users $10 per month for ads on Instagram Stories in the near future.


It makes it really easy to customize your photos on the app.

Instagram uses a powerful new app called