Fox News’ John King and Chris Wallace discuss the case of the Bowling Green massacre in the final segment of the “War Room.”

“You have to make some judgment calls about what is a murder, and you have to decide, you know, ‘Do I really want to prosecute this case?'”

King said.

“This is the first time we’ve seen this kind of crime with so many guns, and we have to be very careful, and, you can’t have a case with multiple killers.”

Wallace noted the shooting at Bowling Green State University left four people dead.

“You had a bunch of guys who just, you could see it on the news.

There were four dead,” Wallace said.


This is not just a case of a few guys who were trying to shoot each other.

This is a very organized gang.

And you’re not going to see this kind a mass killing at the university.

And this is a big, big deal.”

The gunman, identified as James Alex Fields Jr., was arrested on Sunday, April 17.

Authorities said Fields killed a woman and her 5-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself.

Police said the shooting may have been related to an earlier shooting at a gas station in Ohio.

“We do not know if it was related to any previous shooting, or whether it was unrelated to that one,” Cincinnati police Cmdr.

Kevin Davis told reporters.

“There are no indications that this was a planned crime.”

Wallace asked, “Do you think it was planned, because that’s what we’re told, that James Fields wanted to kill people?”

Davis responded, “I think it is.”

“If he had planned to commit this crime, and he did it, he should be prosecuted,” King said, adding, “But I think he probably got away with it because he was scared.”

Wallace and King also addressed President Donald Trump’s response to the shooting.

“It is an example of how we’ve got to be much tougher,” Wallace asked.

“But we have the president in our corner, and if you can get that administration to be more tough and much more compassionate, I think that we can all do better.”

Wallace added, “You can’t get away with this stuff.”

Trump also spoke on the shooting during a White House press conference.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Heather Heyer, and the injuries she suffered,” Trump said.

“(Sheyer) was one of our great American heroes and heroes for standing up for what she believed in, and I will remember her in the future as an American hero.”

He continued, “Her family is heartbroken, and our hearts go out to them.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin contributed to this report. “

As the nation mourns the death of this brave woman, let us not forget her commitment to fight for all Americans.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin contributed to this report.