After the Lakers’ championship run, Kobe Bryant took the opportunity to speak to fans in a private, intimate way at his own birthday party.

Bryant said the party, which was held on Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, was “a very special one” for his friends, his family and his fans.

“It was really special,” he said.

“My kids, my family, my fans all came to see me.”

Here’s the video: The Lakers were on a roll after their epic win over the Dallas Mavericks.

They beat the Miami Heat on the road and the Cleveland Cavaliers on the home court.

But they fell behind by 14 points in the second quarter and trailed by as many as 26.

The Lakers went on to win their second straight.

The party was held in the Beverly Hills home of his longtime friend, former NBA star Steve Nash.

Bryant has been known to bring his own signature cocktail.

“Bryant and his family, they really know how to make a good time,” he told the Los Angeles Times.