The first NFL season of 2018 is over and we’re back in the news cycle.

But what did we learn?

What are the big stories and trends that shaped the game this season?

And what do we think will happen for the next 12 months?

We talked to The Sport Book’s Jonathan Liew, Sports Business Journal’s Michael Bierut, and The Players’ Tribune’s Jeff Kuhn about what we learned.

Here’s what we discovered:The 2016 season was an incredible success for the NFL.

There were 12 playoff games, and the first two in each division were actually played on the same night.

We’ll never know for sure how much of an impact that was, but it was huge.

It was the best season the league had seen in years, and it’s a testament to the talent the NFL has in the game.

But the season also brought a lot of criticism from the sports media and fans alike, as fans were outraged by the way the game was being played.

Fans weren’t thrilled by how many games were played.

Many of them were disappointed that the game went to overtime and how many teams were eliminated in the first round.

That was the only way the season ended.

The NFL is now entering the next year with a lot more money in its pockets.

It has $1.6 billion in guaranteed revenue for the 2018 season, and in 2019 that number will increase to $1 billion.

That’s about 20 percent more money than it had in 2017.

It also gives the NFL the ability to put more players on the field.

We’ve seen some of the best quarterbacks in the world in the past few seasons, and they’re not going to stop producing.

It’s a big advantage for the league.

We also saw the league make some big changes, such as the move from a single-game playoff to a four-game postseason.

This gives the league more flexibility to expand and tweak its schedules.

The other big story of the season was the lockout of the NFL’s teams in 2018.

Fans were understandably frustrated, especially after the Super Bowl.

The lockout is going to cost the league $6 billion, but the real cost will be for the teams to have to spend money to re-hire players who had already left.

The NFL had to cut the number of players it had available for the first four games of the postseason because the lockout had not been resolved.

It took more than $300 million to rehire players for the four games, but by the time the final four games rolled around, the NFL was able to fill those roster spots.

And those spots are being filled by veterans like quarterback Josh McCown, running back Ezekiel Elliott, safety Marcus Williams, and wide receiver Marqise Lee.

Those players have helped the teams make up the deficit they had in the playoffs.

The last four games in the NFL playoffs were the highest scoring of the regular season.

That kind of momentum can make all the difference.

The next two seasons are going to be a bit of a mixed bag.

We still expect the next two to be very competitive.

The season ended with the biggest upset in NFL history, as the New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl LI.

That upset set a new record for a first-round playoff game.

The Patriots then won four straight games before losing in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC championship game.

If the Patriots can win three more games this season, they will have a chance to make the playoffs again, but there will be a lot to be determined for the remaining five games of their regular season and playoffs.

That said, they’re going to have a tough time with the second-round tiebreaker, which is a conference playoff game between the NFC champion and the NFC East champion.

That will determine who plays the AFC champion and who plays who from the NFC.

We’re looking forward to that and hope it’s more than just a tiebreaker.

We also saw a lot from the New York Giants.

The Giants have been a perennial contender since winning Super Bowl XXVIII in 2006.

They’ve had two straight losing seasons before the 2019 season.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Giants react to a team they lost in the title game in 2019, and how the team reacts to losing in the Superbowl, which was their first loss in a Super Bowl since 2007.

That should give the Giants plenty of time to get their ducks in a row.

The Dallas Cowboys have been dominant for the past two years.

They were the top seed in the AFC playoffs, then went on to win the NFC Championship Game in 2018 before losing to the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round.

The Cowboys won the NFC West and the division this season before winning the AFC South and Super Bowl in 2019.

They have some talent at quarterback and in the secondary, but they have to build up for the future.

We saw some success with the Cowboys in 2017, but a lot is riding on how well they build their roster and build