A former Marine has made the heartbreaking decision to put his life on the line to save another’s.

John Hines made the announcement at his home in Washington, D.C., where he lives with his wife and four children.

Hines, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, has made headlines for his bravery and resilience.

He said he was the first to be shot by an Afghan warlord, but survived.

His family, including wife Caitlin, a nurse and mother of two, were stunned to learn that the former officer, a native of New York City, had recently died.

The family learned that John Hines, the former Marine Corps veteran, had died after he was shot by a gunman.

He was killed in a shootout in Kunduz province, Afghanistan.

Hines served in Iraq from 2004 to 2007 and had been assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 2nd Marine Regiment, based at Camp Pendleton, California, before the Taliban attacked.

He had been in Afghanistan since July, when the Taliban launched an offensive against the U.K.-based coalition in the city.

Hates and PTSD are the top reasons for Hines suicide, his father, Steve Hines said.

He has two older children.

John is survived by his wife, Caitlin Hines; his daughter, Brittany; two sons, Cody and Ryan; and a brother, Eric Hines.