When did I first realize I wanted to play football?

I don’t know when, but I always wanted to try.

I remember my first game against my best friend, who was a striker for a local club, and being very nervous.

We both went on to play in the league and both won trophies.

I went on top, but my best team-mate was injured in the first leg.

It was a really big loss for us both, but we still won that season.

After that, we both played professionally and we went to play professionally in Italy.

I was lucky to get a contract to play at the Stadio Olimpico, where I became a part of the first team.

I became known as the ‘fiery boy’ in the dressing room and, after a while, I became very comfortable in my role as the striker.

I am very proud to be part of such a great club, a club that always tries to give everything to the players.

I still feel the desire to play, and I hope that I can bring the same experience to the next level.

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