Virginia wedding photographers Ryan O’Brien and Matthew Brown have captured the first photo of the state’s flag and are now hoping to be the first to take a picture of it.

O’Brien’s photo is the first time the state has officially adopted a flag in a photo, according to the Associated Press.

Brown’s photograph is the third time Virginia has formally adopted a state flag.

In 2014, then-Gov.

Bob McDonnell used a photo of Virginia from a national flag that was adopted by the state legislature as his official state flag and placed in the Capitol rotunda.

The photo was later used to show McDonnell as he testified before a House committee investigating the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died in police custody.

The state flag was later removed and replaced with the Union Jack and a Confederate battle flag, but the flag was still flown in public and at government functions.

McDonnell’s use of the photo prompted the state House to pass a resolution that called for the flag to be returned to the Capitol, but it was never formally adopted by Gov.

Terry McAuliffe.