A wedding photographer is not a new thing, but that’s not the case in Sedona, Arizona.

It’s been going on for more than 40 years and is a thriving business with thousands of clients.

But what makes Sedona so popular is the people who come and work there.

The photographer is called Dave Smith, and he says he doesn’t get paid much, but he’s getting paid for his work.

He’s also a huge fan of the wedding industry, which he says is a great way to support the people.

He also loves being in the middle of all these beautiful people, and that’s what he wants to see in the future.

“I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with people that have been through this industry,” he said.

“You see these incredible stories and the beauty of it, but there’s still a lot that we need to do.”

So, I really like being part of the solution and being involved with the solution.

“Smith is a freelance photographer and has been shooting weddings since 2002.

But for a while now, his wife has also been working.

He said the first time he took a wedding photo, she told him to leave the wedding as soon as possible.”

She came home and said ‘this is great, I want to see your photos’.””

I said ‘well, I think I could, I just want to give it a go’.”

She came home and said ‘this is great, I want to see your photos’.

“I was just like ‘oh yeah, you can do it’.”

We’re a bit nervous about it but I said ‘oh my god, it sounds amazing’.”‘

We have so much more to do’While the wedding photographers are getting paid a lot, the wedding vendors are getting a lot less, and so are the people working at the weddings.

Smith said he thinks this is a problem because he’s been working at weddings for so long.”

It’s a business that is really about the people,” he explained.”

The vendors are very much involved and they’re the ones making the money.

“There are a lot more people that are in it for the money, the catering, the decorations, and the flowers, and there’s no other way that they could be.”

He said it’s just about making the best possible wedding day for everyone.

“We have a lot to do,” he added.

“And I don’t want to think about any of that stuff and just do it for my wife.”

What’s a photographer to do?

Smith said that the problem is that photographers need to be aware of the expectations of clients, and how they’re going to be treated.

“A lot of the vendors are so upfront and upfront, they’re really really open and upfront about what they’re doing,” he told ABC Radio.

“But I think a lot people don’t think about that, so they’re not aware of what the expectations are for them.”

They might have a really good idea of what they want, and then they don’t know what the expectation is.

“In my opinion, if I could just take a couple of minutes and just look at how they should treat their customers, I could really change their perception of it.”

The couple who work at the wedding venues said they all wanted to work together, and they all do it together.

“People just really want to work with you, they want to be part of it,” Smith said, “and I think it’s the best thing for the business to have.”