An Indonesian war photographer was shot and killed during a wedding in the capital, Jakarta, on Sunday, police said.

An unidentified woman in her 30s was shot in the head and killed at her home on the island of Bintang island, police spokeswoman Adriana Feroi said.

The woman, who had been attending the wedding of a former colleague, was found dead in a room with a gun on a table, Feroin said.

A witness said the woman, dressed in a dark suit, was in the living room with the man and his wife.

The couple had been engaged for several months and were expecting a child, she said.

Feroi did not give details about the identity of the woman.

The wedding took place two weeks ago, Firoi said, adding that the bride and groom were married two weeks earlier.

The incident comes as Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced plans to expand the countrys war against terrorism to other regions of the world.

Widodo is also considering expanding the police force and extending a state of emergency to all areas of the country.