Indiana photographers are getting more opportunities to shoot weddings and other special events, but some are struggling to keep up.

The latest data from the Indianapolis Star shows that of the state’s 7,000 wedding photographers, about 8 percent have been offered jobs.

The data is part of a study that is looking at the impact of an Indiana licensing law on the state.

A few of the women and minorities the study surveyed said they were hesitant to work with photographers, who can be accused of discriminating.

They say the licensing law requires them to pay $300 to $400 more than other photographers and may result in lower revenue for businesses.

The survey also showed that the majority of women are not photographers themselves.

More than 60 percent said they never plan to work in the wedding industry, with only 15 percent saying they were considering it.

Some said they had to choose between making enough money for their families or getting married.

The study was conducted between October and December.

About half of the photographers said they have not been offered a job because of the licensing laws, which are in effect statewide.

The licensing law, enacted in 2016, requires photographers to register with the state and pay $600 a year to cover the cost of licenses and fees.

Some of the restrictions are limited to weddings, and only those who already have licenses can be licensed.

A license is required for photographers to photograph weddings, memorials and other events that have been authorized by the governor, the governor’s office said.

The law also limits the types of wedding and memorial photographs that can be used for licensing purposes, but photographers who shoot wedding ceremonies, funerals and funerals with children have not had to register.

The Associated Press is not naming the photographer because of privacy concerns.

The AP is seeking comment from the governor.