The name of this photograph, taken on a trip to the New Hampshire town of Goldin, is one that might be unfamiliar to some of you: “photographer Golden Crossword.”

But that’s not to say that it’s anything new.

We wrote about photographer Goldin’s work last year when we had the pleasure of speaking with him at his wedding to photographer Jadine Sussman.

And while the two of them didn’t know each other at the time, it was clear that Goldin and Sussmann had been in contact. 

The couple got married in the town of Woburn, Massachusetts, in 2015.

A few years earlier, they’d relocated from the town to Boston, where they’d both grown up.

They met at a wedding reception in Wobham and married the following year.

The couple was living in the Boston area, and Goldin was doing photography in the area.

When Sussmen told her husband that she’d recently been working in the wedding photography industry, he was skeptical.

“She was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to do it,’ ” Goldin told us in a 2016 interview.

“But he had a really good sense of humor, and he was like: ‘You know what?

It’s going to work.'” 

So it was no surprise that the couple booked a flight to the city to shoot Goldin at his first wedding reception.

They booked a hotel room, rented a car, and set out for the wedding.

And as Goldin explained in our 2017 interview, they had a lot to look forward to. 

“We were going to have a lot of weddings,” he said.

And they were not alone. “

When they arrived, the couple set up the photography studio, set up their wedding cake, and began working on their photographs.

And they were not alone.

Around that time, Goldin had started photographing other photographers, including some of the wedding photographers he’d worked with at other weddings in his career. 

It was around this time that Golden and Sissmans first met. 

In 2018, Sussmans was pregnant with their second child, and the couple moved from their home in Wollaston, Massachusetts to Boston.

As she and Golden began planning their wedding, Sissman started to feel overwhelmed by the logistics of the logistics and logistics of having to make a decision between a wedding photographer and their daughter. 

One day, Sessmans asked Goldin to take a look at some wedding photography. 

 “She was really, really excited about it,” Goldin said. 

So he went ahead and got the photos. 

After reviewing them, Golden was impressed.

He was impressed by how well the photos turned out. 

But the couple was still having some questions. 

Sussman said that her husband was often “very, very specific” about the way she and the photographer would work together. “

He was really good at being precise, and I was really terrible at it,” he told us. 

Sussman said that her husband was often “very, very specific” about the way she and the photographer would work together.

“You know, I’m very, very careful,” she said.

She said that she was often surprised by the quality of Golden’s photographs, and had to ask her husband to do more than what he could achieve. 

Over time, the Goldens’ wedding photography grew into a partnership that was both successful and successful at capturing the essence of the two people and their wedding ceremony. 

When Goldin decided to leave the wedding industry and start his own photography business, he had some tough decisions to make.

He decided that it was time to put his professional life on hold to pursue his photography.

“It’s not that I’m leaving photography.

It’s just that I’ve decided to focus on my photography as a whole, and to do this as a business,” he wrote on his website. 

Then, he told the bride that he wanted to start a photography school. 

According to Goldin himself, the first wedding photography class he ever taught in Boston was one that taught him a lot about the process of wedding photography and how to produce quality images. 

Eventually, Golding said, he decided to set up his own studio. 

He told us that his students were able to create some of his best work. 

For a lot more information on Goldin Photography, visit his website and his Facebook page.