Raleigh-Durham police said more than 100 photographers were arrested after a suspected ring of photographers was found with thousands of wedding-related wedding-themed images in a rental house in the city’s North End.

The arrests came after police executed search warrants in several rental houses across Raleigh and Charlotte counties.

The Raleigh Police Department said Tuesday night that they were looking for the ringleaders in the arrests.

Authorities said the suspect is believed to be a member of the wedding-sharing site, My Wedding Photography, which operates out of a rented house in Raleigh.

Raleigh-Duramie Police Chief Jeff Davis said the suspects were not connected to the wedding and that they will likely face charges in North Carolina.

“The arrests and the arrests of this ring of people are significant in the way we can better understand this issue in our community,” Davis said.

“We have to keep that in mind, as a police department, as the county attorney, and as our law enforcement officials.”

Raleigh’s police department said in a statement Tuesday night they are “committed to doing everything in our power to combat this serious crime and to ensure that this type of behavior does not occur again in our city.”

In an email to ABC News, My, which has been described as a “trending wedding photography platform,” said it has not been served with any warrant and had no idea the images were found.

The company said in the email that it has a “zero tolerance” policy for wedding-hosting websites and does not provide services to anyone without the permission of the host.

“This is not the first time that we have been contacted by law enforcement and we will be following the situation closely,” My said.

“While we will not provide our services to the individuals we’ve been notified are involved in this matter, we are committed to working with authorities in the investigation to identify those who violated our policies.”

The My Wedding Photo service does not require a photo ID to rent a rental, and does provide the images to customers.

The service says on its website that it uses a “sophisticated search engine” to identify “worthy photographers.”

Randy L. Jones, a lawyer for My, told ABC News the company is cooperating with police and has been told by them that there are no arrests yet.

“We’ve reached out to them to let them know they’re doing everything they can to assist,” Jones said.

But My did not immediately respond to ABC’s request for comment Tuesday night.