Reddit /u/thegreatbacon has compiled a handy list of tips for photographers that want to make sure their posts don’t look too dated or outdated. 

Here’s what you need to know to avoid looking like you’re trying too hard.1.

Use an image of a historical photo to capture your message and the image you’re referencing.

This will make it easy for you to convey your message.2.

If your photo doesn’t include a caption, include a “link” to the original post.

This way you can link to it on social media and ask your followers to click on it. 3.

Be sure to include a brief description of what your image is about.

Use hashtags to make it easier to find and tag your post. “


Use hashtags to make it easier to find and tag your post.

If you’re going to be sharing the same photo, you can tag it #mymom or #myfamilyphoto. 


Try to use a photo that is in good light. 

If your image isn’t clear or you don’t have the right lighting, you might need to retouch it. 6.

Use a picture that is a bit less dramatic or dramatic than what you have in your portfolio. 

For example, if you have a photo with a bright background, use a dark background to create a more dramatic photo. 


Use your image’s title, subject, and location to communicate your message or a description of the photo.

For example: “My family is celebrating our 50th anniversary at my mom’s home with a family dinner.” 


If it’s a holiday photo, use “holiday” in the caption.

This helps readers to easily identify your post as holiday photos. 


If the caption includes hashtags or a link to the photo, add the hashtags. 


Use your photos as an example.

For instance, if your photo shows a car in the background and it says, “my family is in the car,” use the hashtag #car to share your car.


Be creative with the images you use. 

The more creative you are, the more likely your post will be shared.

For instance, you could include a photo where a baby is wearing a tuxedo.

If there is a tousled blonde woman in the photo you could use #tuxedo to show the baby is a child, or #babytux to show a child’s tux. 


Use the hashtag “myfamilyphotography” in your caption. 

 For instance: #myfamilyphotos  #tuxorontour  You can also use #myfamiliesphotography to share a photo showing your family.

For this example, you would use #familyphotos to share the photo of the family and #toys  to show the photos of toys. 


Use descriptive language in your post and caption.

For the sake of this article, I won’t include the title, “This photo is of my family”.

Instead, I’ll just share the caption that says, “This photo was taken on a family holiday. 

(I have a brother who works for my employer and his parents work from home.

My family is also a couple with three children.)” 

For this post, I used #mytoys and #familyphotographies to share it.