Sam Jones is one of the first photographers to use digital technology to capture his intimate moments of family life.

His work, titled “A Boy Don’t Change,” was published on the site of a family that lived in a former home in Austin, Texas, when he was 12 years old.

Now, Jones, who is based in New York City, has been shooting family portraits since 2013, and has continued to use the technology since that time.

“It’s not as though I was born with a camera,” Jones told the Daily Dot in a phone interview.

“It was my mother who introduced me to the technology.

I was told that I had to learn photography at an early age.”

Jones said he’s taken portraits of the children in his family, and they’ve been very emotional and touching.

The photographer said he feels a sense of pride in the work he’s been able to do with his subjects, and he thinks he’s captured something special.

“My family is an amazing family,” Jones said.

“I think it’s amazing to me that they’re not just trying to sell toys and stuff.

They’re trying to make their family a place that’s full of joy and love and laughter and laughter.”

For Jones, being a father has helped him capture his family’s story and experience.

He said his father, who was a Vietnam vet, is the person he calls when he feels anxious.

“I was a big boy, but I was a kid and I knew that there was going to be trouble.

And I thought, ‘I’m gonna need my daddy.

I’m going to need to stay safe,'” Jones said, laughing.

Jones is currently in the process of creating a series of photographs for his book, “The Boy Don’s Cry,” and is currently editing the photographs.

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