A photographer has found a way to get cheaper wedding photos.

In a new trend, online retailers are offering free wedding photos for the price of a standard wedding.

Seattle photographer John McElroy said he decided to start a business to make more of his art available to the public.

He said he is able to get his images for free because his company, Digital Bait, sells images of the photographer’s actual wedding.

I just decided to take a leap and start a company where people can see my art and be interested in it, McElry said.

The company started with the help of a friend who works for the Seattle Department of Licensing and Regulation.

They were able to find a photographer who had been working with them, McEllroy said.

He’s also getting help from a friend in California who specializes in getting low-quality wedding images online.

He’s also found a few photographers who have used his company to get photos of his wedding.

But McElroys goal is to expand his business to other places where he can sell his work.

“I just want to make sure that I can keep selling my art for a reasonable price,” he said.

“It’s really just to help people understand the value of my work.”

McElroy, who works as a freelance photographer, said he got the idea for the business after he found a group of people selling wedding photographs for a very reasonable price.

He realized it would be good to sell his own wedding photos online for the same price.

In his case, he was able to sell wedding photos on eBay for $1,300 to $1.50 a photo, which he said was way too cheap.

McElroies new business will be able to buy more images from people who already have his photos.

McElrys wife, Kim, is a photographer, too, and she said the company can sell more wedding photos if she gets permission.

McEllroy’s plan is to eventually have a website where people will be offered access to the images for a small fee.

He hopes to start that business by the end of March.

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