A photograph of a man wearing a mask of a superhero has been voted the winner of the first ever award from the International Photographic Society.

A photograph of the same man in a suit and tie is also voted for as the best superhero costume in a list of more than 400 photographs by the IHS.

The image of the masked man is by Andre Birotte, a photojournalist from France who has been documenting the political protests in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Birottes photo shows protesters in Marseille holding up the image of a masked man as a sign of support.

A protester wears a mask as he holds up the photo of a mask wearing a masked superhero as a protest against police violence against protesters in the French city of Marseille, November 1, 2017.AFP /Getty Images 123moves content The photograph was taken by the photographer and shared with the public on Facebook on November 3.

The photograph was captioned with a line reading “I am not a superhero”.

The caption reads: “I don’t like this mask.

I’m a journalist”.

The caption for the photo reads: “(I am) a journalist in a mask.”

It was shared more than 17,000 times and has been viewed more than 3 million times.

The picture was shared by Biroti with the caption: “Mask off, mask off, this is not a mask.

This is a journalist wearing a costume.”

The photograph has been shared more more than 23,000,000x more than 8,000.

The tweet, which was retweeted more than 9,000 and shared more then 50,000times, reads:”I am a journalist, this photo is a mask on a journalist.”

This is a masked journalist.””

The mask is not on me.

This is a masked journalist.”

A photo by Bimbotte of a protester with a mask attached.

A photo shared by Andre in which he is seen in the background holding a sign reading: “The mask off.

The mask off”.

Reuters 123movings content A second photo of the man in the costume is shared on November 4 with the hashtag #IamNotaSuperhero.

It has since been shared thousands of times.

“I’m not a hero, I’m not the one wearing the mask,” the caption reads.

“I’m a human, I want to have a normal life.

This photo is an example of a journalist who is not happy with this situation.”

The image was shared with an accompanying tweet.

A caption reads, “This photo is not about a superhero.

This was taken from the perspective of a human being, the man wearing the costume.””

This photo was taken with my own camera and I am a photographer who doesn’t like violence,” the photograph reads.”

This photograph is about how a journalist is being harassed by a police officer, he is being attacked, he has his phone confiscated.”

A protester in Marseilles holds up a sign saying “I Am Not a Superhero”.AFP 123mOVings content The photo of Birotis mask is captioned: “This is not my mask.”

The post also includes a tweet from the hashtag “Iamnotasuperhero”.

The tweet reads: “#Iam not a superhero.

I am just a journalist.

This photograph is not for sale or for public consumption.””

If I have the opportunity to go to a place and I’m being attacked for doing my job I won’t be afraid to go there,” the tweet reads.