By DANIEL LEARWOODThe digital photo-sharing service Tumblr allows people to post their own photos and other images.

But the site has also created a platform for some black women, who have found their niche by sharing images and videos.

“The more people who are black and female that we have on Tumblr, it’s going to open up the world for us,” said Laura Davis, a 22-year-old black female photographer.

“It’s an opportunity to make more of a difference in people’s lives and to tell stories.”

Ms Davis says she has been using the platform to share her own stories and share her experiences.

“I love being able to share my story and my journey with people,” she said.

“We are people of color.

We’re just as much a part of our community as any other community.”

And Tumblr has made it really easy for us to do that.

“Ms Harris, who is also a professional photographer, said she wanted to share the story of a black woman she met in college.”

She’s my best friend.

I have her in my life, and I feel like I have to tell her this story,” she told the ABC.”

Her story is so incredible.

I know it’s been around for a long time and people are still talking about it, but it’s something that she has really been struggling with and it’s so important for her to be able to tell people her story.

“She said she felt her story was worth sharing because it allowed her to tell other black women what it was like to be a woman of colour.”

There are so many stories like hers that we’re hearing about, and she’s the only one who can tell that story, so she’s really, really good at that,” Ms Harris said.

Ms Harris said her story helped her to get to know the people she met.”

For me, it helped me to get a sense of the people that I met,” she explained.”

Especially in my social circles, there’s a huge difference between the way we see people, the way they look, and the way our friends and family see us.

“So, if I was to get some friends of mine to tell me that they didn’t know me as well, that’s a good thing.”‘

A lot of white women don’t want to be black’The Tumblr platform has made black women’s stories easier to share.

“Because I’m a person of colour, there are a lot of people who don’t understand why I don’t feel like the same as other black people and don’t think I’m worth talking to,” Ms Davis said.

She said Tumblr helped her find friends and support.

“A lot.

Tumblr really helped me find a community of people that really want to share their stories, and they’re really supportive and supportive,” she added.”

They’re really open to hearing my story, they want to see it, and that’s really helped my whole process.”

Ms Williams said her Tumblr experience helped her become an inspiration to other black female digital photographers.

“Tumblr made me want to reach out and share my experience and be able get out there and share what I’m doing and share that with others,” she continued.

“As a black girl, you can see that you don’t have a lot to offer other people, and Tumblr really gave me the tools to be successful.”