Photographer Rodrigo Starr is best known for his series “Wedding Photographer” (2008), which chronicled the lives of celebrities including Mariah Carey and Nick Jonas.

Starr has since continued to explore his work and recently created a documentary series called “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts,” which focuses on the lives and work of some of the country’s most famous wedding photographers.

In “Wizard,” Starr follows the life of Mark Ellington, who in the mid-1990s married a woman named Donna who had never met him.

“I thought, ‘Well, he’s married to her, she’s his wife,'” Starr says.

Stairs first met Ellingtons wife, Kathy, in 2000.

They dated for a few years, but he eventually moved to New York to pursue a modeling career.

“I just knew that she was going to be a really good, really beautiful, really talented person, and that was the whole point of our relationship, and the way that it went was totally natural,” Stairs says.

The pair decided to marry, and Ellingoons wedding is the subject of the documentary.

“There were all these things that happened that were just so out of character that it was just a little bit weird, you know?”

Starr explains.

“It was really weird.

I didn’t know who Kathy was, and she was not a very popular person.

The couple met while working together on a book project. “

It became clear that Kathy was just trying to fit in and that it wasn’t going to work out.”

The couple met while working together on a book project.

“That was kind of weird because it wasn.

It was really, really weird,” Stair says.

“We were both really good friends, and I’m like, this is the most bizarre thing in the world, so what if it’s a book?

And Kathy is like, yeah, I have a job.

I don’t care what anybody says.

I’m going to do this, and we’re going to write this book.”

The two hit it off and married.

“But I don.

I just don’t know why, and it wasn [kind of] like, I just didn’t see it coming,” Stiles says.

After the marriage, Ellingoon went on to have a daughter, who was named Shannon.

She and Starr soon moved to Hawaii, where Shannon lived with her parents.

“Kathy is like a total hippie and a total environmentalist, and her parents were kind of hippies and environmentalists,” Stables says.

“[And] she just took a completely different approach to the relationship, which was really cool, and then her life changed.”

As Shannon’s mother moved to Arizona to live with her, Starr and Elingtons daughter, Stephanie, began dating and they became engaged in 2013.

In 2015, Ewingon died.

“She just fell apart and she just died.

And then I had to put the baby into foster care and it was a very sad, painful, and hard time,” Stains says.”

When I was in that situation, I was just so devastated, and so angry, and just just so sad, that she had died,” Stirs says.

In 2017, Eingtons daughter died in a car crash and her husband was left with two other children.

“The one thing that I think about the most is how close I was to her.

And that’s not even in a positive way, but I was so close, I felt like I was a part of her life.

I was close to her,” Starcs says.

And yet, “Wizards” is one of the few weddings that Ellingons family still has not forgotten.

“Because we’re family, I can’t be like, Oh, my god, I missed her, I’ve got to find her.

I’ve had to get up and go to a funeral,” Starls says, laughing.

“This was the wedding where I had my baby.”

Ellington was also married once before, to his longtime girlfriend, Kate.

In 2018, Kate married Ellingont’s daughter, and their wedding ceremony took place at Starr’s home.

“And she’s just like, No, I didn