Nj Wedding Photographer Guide by Sarah Haggerty is now available on Apple’s App Store.

Sarah Hagerty is a photographer from Ndjvn, Denmark.

Sarah is also the founder and photographer of NdjVid, the leading online wedding photography community.

Sarah has been in the wedding industry for 10 years and is the first ever photographer from a foreign country to become a professional wedding photographer in her native country.

Sarah’s first wedding was to a guest from New Zealand, a country she is currently living in for the summer.

Sarah enjoys working with people of all ages and cultures, which is one of the main reasons why she chose to become an independent wedding photographer.

She believes the freedom and ease of sharing a wedding photograph online is so much more than the amount of effort involved.

The photos that you see are the result of years of hard work, passion and dedication.

NdjWedding Photographer Guide is the latest collection of wedding photography that Sarah is working on, including wedding photography from Nijmegen, the country of origin for the Ndj wedding photography.

This collection will be available to all Ndjwedding photographers who want to showcase their own photography on the world wide web.

For more information visit Ndj Wedding Photographer guide.

Sarah also has her own photography blog.