Photographer Chepskate, the bride-to-be of a friend, decided to do a photo shoot in New York City last month for her wedding photographer.

She spent over $100,000 on a digital camera, a travel agency, an outfit and an editor.

“I think I made about $50,000,” Chepske says.

The photographer had a lot of fun.

But her choice of location didn’t sit well with some of her friends, and it made it harder for her to get an audience.

“It was just really hard to get my name out there.

I was like, ‘What the fuck am I doing here?'” she says.

“So I decided to go for it on my own.”

Chepska went to a local restaurant and ordered a burger and fries with the photographer’s name on it.

“The photographer was super excited and asked if she could use her name for the photo.

I just couldn’t figure out what to do. “

That was the biggest challenge of my whole wedding.

I just couldn’t figure out what to do.

I ended up going to a couple of restaurants and ordering two different things: burgers and fries.

It was really weird and really hard.”

Chepkskate also went to the reception, where she got a photo booth, and she was really excited to be there.

But when she got there, her photo shoot was a total failure.

She says that she didn’t take a single photo of the venue, and when the photographer asked if they wanted to be featured on the reception’s Instagram page, she didn “let them know that I was going to do it.”

So the photographer called the reception to let them know about the photo shoot.

But by the time she got to the venue and started taking the pictures, she had already had the entire reception covered in “wedding selfies.”

Cheppa says that the reception staff was very surprised that she had taken all of their photos, but they were very understanding.

“They were like, Oh, we have a really cute photo of you,” Chepakska says.

But Chepsky says that her photo was “too big” for the reception.

The reception staff wasn’t pleased about it, and they contacted Chepskaya.

Chepski says that they tried to explain to the photographer that they were upset with her photo, but the photographer just kept on going, and eventually they got the reception manager to call the photographer, telling them that they had made a mistake.

The photo shoot lasted just over four hours, and Chepsko says that it “didn’t take too long” to get her photos to the wedding photographer and that the photographer had made the right decision to use her.

Chepkaysk has now taken a couple more weddings for her friends.

Chesko says she hopes that she can get some “real exposure” when she’s older and more experienced.

Cheposk is now considering other options for her photography career, including working in a wedding reception or a business.

Chepoaks wedding photographer blog can be found here.