A Hawaii wedding photographer has revealed his plan to star on a series of TV shows to help raise money for the island’s homeless.

Kumihito Saito, who lives in Kawaii’s Shirobako neighborhood, has been using social media to help out with a local charity and his photography has garnered the attention of many celebrities including Mark Wahlberg, Angelina Jolie and Kate Upton.

Kumsa’s work has helped raise awareness for a homeless shelter called Kona House, which is providing housing to more than 200 homeless families in the island nation.

Mr Saito says he started working with Kona after he found a homeless woman on the street and realised how she was in need.

“When I saw the girl I thought she would be the perfect opportunity to help,” Mr Saito said.

“I was like, I’ll just get in contact with the homeless shelter and they will give me a chance to do some work.”

The 30-year-old has already met with celebrity guests including Mark Warburton, Mark Wachowski and Angelina.

“You know, it’s really cool to see these celebs that have taken action for the homeless,” Mr Wahlberger said.

He said Mr Saitos work had also helped raise money to help the homeless.

“Kumiyo has helped out a lot and given people a chance for a new start, so it’s great that people are seeing the work and sharing the images,” Mr Warburson said.

Mr Wachowskis charity Kona is also running a campaign to help homeless families find housing and food in the Shiroabako neighborhood.

“It’s really good to see so many people out there helping other people,” Mr Kaito said about the campaign.

“And the homeless are really struggling, so this is really good for them and I think it’s also good for us, it gives us a chance.”

Mr Saito said he was also trying to make a difference with the local police force.

“There are many things that I want to do in the future, but right now, I’m doing what I do best, I just have to focus on my work and see how much I can make,” he said.