A couple of years ago, a photographer in Kansas City was fired for taking a picture of a wedding.

Now, the couple who shot the photo has filed a lawsuit against the photographer, who is also a photographer for the city.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Missouri state Supreme Court, the photographer and the couple have filed a claim for breach of contract, violation of the Missouri Civil Rights Act, and unfair competition.

The photographer’s name is Mike Harkins and the photographer’s attorney is John Pritchard.

The couple filed the lawsuit last year.

It is not clear why the photographer was fired, but it appears to be connected to the photo.

According to the lawsuit (PDF), the photo was taken on March 31, 2015, the same day a photographer named James Smith was fired from his job.

Smith took the picture after he was told by the city that the photographer had violated his employment contract.

The lawsuit claims that the city had terminated Smith because he was “an honest man who had no reason to fear retaliation for his reporting.”

Smith was the city’s chief of security.

According, the lawsuit states that Smith, who has worked for the City of Kansas City since 1997, “was paid $100 per day for his time as a security officer.”

The lawsuit states, “Smith was paid $25 per day in compensation for his duties as a private security officer.

It was also Smith’s decision, at the direction of his employer, whether or not to report the photo to the Kansas City Police Department or the police department’s news desk.”

Smith did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Newsweek.

According a statement released by the City’s Office of Communications, Smith was terminated from his position at the city because he reported the photograph to the news desk.

The statement says, “There are no allegations that the photo contained any racial or otherwise inappropriate content.”

However, Smith’s lawyer, John P. Pritchers said in an email to Newsweek that he had no knowledge of the photo being taken and that the photos were taken in a private setting, not a public setting.

Pritch told Newsweek, “The photos were never published by any local newspaper.

They were taken at a private location, in a public place, and they were taken without any incident, except that one photographer may have inadvertently walked over Smith while he was reporting the photo.”

He added, “Any allegations of misconduct by the photographer or any violation of any civil rights law are absolutely false.”