A photojournalist in Ireland has become the oldest known photograph photographer in the country.

The photograph, by photographer Adam Schultz, was taken in 1911.

Mr Schultz died in 2012.

He was also the youngest known photographer in Canada.

“I was a very young guy, only 16 years old at the time of my first photography session,” Mr Schultz told the Irish Times.

“He was a great man.

He was the only photographer in my school.”

We spent many hours together at his studio in Toronto.

“After school he would go out and take photographs of us, of the streets and parks, of people in the streets, the countryside, the sea.”

That was his style, which was quite different to what you can find in many other countries.

“Mr Schulz said he spent a lot of time working on his images, sometimes with his father.”

My father was a photographer, so he would bring me his film and I would shoot with him,” he said.”

The main thing that I did was to make prints, to make a film that was then scanned onto a photo-negative card.

“It was really my father who was the first person who really helped me to develop my photographic style.”

Mr Sschultz has published more than 30 books and more than 100 photographs and has travelled extensively around the world.

“People have a great appreciation for my work,” he told the paper.

“They are very interested in how I photograph people and that is what I am interested in.”