D.C. has some of the most photographed photographers in the world.

And that’s no accident.

We’re lucky to have some of them in the capital, but we also have some pretty great photographers working in the rest of the country.

Here are our top 10 photographers working throughout the country, according to their official websites.


D.J. Shultz-Wade-JensenD.

J., 37, is one of the best-known photographers working today, and he’s not just the one with the big name.

The 35-year-old shot a ton of portraits of famous people, and even helped start the “celebrity portraits” movement.

He has a new book, The Best of D. J. Shulz-Wades-Jensen, out on November 25.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a member of Dwayne Johnson’s Rock Band band, photographed him at the 2016 Grammy Awards.


Jody E. Walker-Troy D.T., 30, shot portraits of everyone from Beyonce to Kanye West to actor Tom Hanks.

He is the current president of the National Association of Portrait Photographers.


Justin M. Dyson-Drew D.N., 31, shot many famous portraits, including the ones of famous athletes and politicians.

He’s also a photographer at the Washington Post.


Chris Blevins-Mark D.B., 28, was named the most influential photographer in DC for the past two years.

He worked with many of the artists on the iconic “D.C., D.O.C.” portrait series and has shot thousands of portraits over the years.


Adam D. Stegman-Ricardo S.R., 28.

This D.c. photographer is known for his iconic portrait of the first lady, Hillary Clinton, on “Downton Abbey” in 2008.

He also shot a bunch of iconic portraits of presidents, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter.


Jason D. Wilson-Mark A., 24, shot a lot of famous portraits including the famous portrait of George Washington on the front cover of Esquire magazine in 2009.

He shot a few other famous portraits like Marilyn Monroe, who was on “Sex and the City.”


Josh E. O’Neil-James E., 24.

A D. c. photographer, he shot a handful of famous portrait photos, including that of Bill Clinton, his wife, Chelsea Clinton, and a group of kids playing in a park.


Scott W. Smith-John R., 24., is the best known D. C. photographer today.

He was an executive producer on the reality TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”

He also photographed George Clooney and others.


James F. Averill-Ricky D., 22, shot lots of famous photo shoots, including some of famous presidents.

He shoots with some of his favorite artists, like David Duchovny and David Guetta.


Jules A. Mascagni-Juan C., 22.

He works as a photographer and filmmaker in Washington.

He took lots of portraits during the 2016 presidential election, and has a book coming out soon.