The Photograph Cast: “Tales” from Nickelback’s “Talks About Stuff” album, produced in 2006, is one of the albums that shaped Nickelback in a big way.

The album was originally released in 2001.

A few years later, the band signed a record deal with Sony and released the album as “Tale of The Three Tapes,” a combination of the three previous albums that were released that year.

And in 2013, they signed a new record deal, this time with Atlantic Records.

The deal was called “The Platinum Album.”

The album is a compilation of all the Nickelback albums since 2002, as well as singles and other material that was not released on any other album.

This record is what made Nickelback famous, and helped propel them to the top of the pop charts and to the number one spot in the Billboard charts, where they remained for almost a decade.

And now, thanks to the Photographs of the Black Pearl collection, Nickelback can be seen as a living, breathing, historical artifact.

So what are the Photograph’s that defined Nickelback?

There are two.

The first is the album cover.

The second is the cover for “Tapes.”

The Photographs are a collection of images that were taken by three people in the same room at the same time.

There are images of Nick and his family, like the one below, as they play a game on a boat at a lake in the lake, and the photo of the boat, like this one, is taken from a different angle.

Nickelback has been known to release albums without the photograph of the album, but there are many instances of them.

The Photograph of The Biggest Show on Earth is the first album to not include a photograph.

This album was released in 2007.

The Albums “Takes” album also includes photos that were shot by the same people, as seen in the photograph above.

The photographs show people playing the guitar at the beach, and then the musicians playing at a house party.

“Tells” is the second album to omit a photograph from the album.

In 2009, Nickelbummer released “The Biggest Story,” the album that became a phenomenon.

In that album, the album title was “Biggest Show On Earth,” and the photograph was of the singer, who is on the cover of the record.

This image is from a picture of Nick’s parents playing the drums, as he and his wife, Sharon, dance on the beach.

Nickelbummers first album, “Tuesdays” was released on May 7, 2006.

This is the same album as the “Taps” album.

It was the first record to feature a photo of Nickelbumers own parents.

The photograph is of Nick, with his parents, and Sharon, who was his wife.

This picture was taken from the roof of Nicks apartment.

Nick’s father is standing outside the window, and Nick is standing inside the apartment.

The band’s drummer, Matt Sorum, and his girlfriend, Nicole St. Clair, are standing next to the window.

The photographer is in the middle of the room.

Nick and Sharon were playing the drumsticks in the backyard.

This photograph is from Nick’s bedroom, where Nick and Steven, his girlfriend at the time, were sitting at the piano, as Steven was on the guitar.

“Lights Out” is Nickelbum’s first album without a photograph of Nickelback.

This cover is from “Tears,” and features Nick and the band members, including bassist Jeff Buckley, singing the Nickelbum song “Locks and Lamps.”

The photograph of Nick singing this song was taken in a hallway in the studio.

Nick is seen standing behind the door, as his mother, Sharon and Nick’s sister, Sharon Buckley, were listening to the song.

The photos of Nickelbum playing the piano and singing “Lords of Summer” were taken from Nick and her mother, Nicole.

The “Tems” album was the most famous album to feature photographs.

This photo is from the cover, and features Nickelbum with his family.

This was the album where Nickelbum was most popular.

It is the only album that has not featured a photograph on the album’s cover.

This covers the band’s first tour with Nickelback, which was in 2009.

“The Gold” album is the last album to include a photo.

The cover shows Nickelbum playing his guitar.

This painting is taken of Nick at the stage of the studio, as the band played a show in the front room.

Nickelbums drummer, Jeff Buckley is standing on the stage.

NickelBums band member, Jeff, and band member Steven are in the background.

The song that Nickelbum sings is “Larks,” and is the song that was the cover song of the first Nickel